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How Toon Jacobs met up with Flume, San Holo and Netsky during his quest for the perfect drop.

“What is the best drop ever? Does it even exist? Could I make the sickest drop myself?” These are the questions Belgian filmmaker Toon Jacobs asked himself a few years ago.

Toon was eager to find the answers to these questions and wanted to learn from the best. So he contacted artists like Flume, San Holo and Netsky to ask their personal opinion and to learn how to create the sickest drop ever. To his surprise, these artists were happy to help out. “All these great artists just accepted me as the unknown guy who wanted to try something new.”

Curious to see what these different artists have to say about great drops? Watch the full documentary below:


The idea for the documentary ‘The sickest drop ever’ was 3 years ago. At the time, Toon didn’t know this next project would become a personal one. “I was trying to teach myself how to make electronic music and create drops but wasn’t really seeing much improvement. That’s when I thought: why don’t I just talk to some of the big and influential people in the industry and try to learn from them?”

While the goal was pure entertainment, the documentary can teach us a lot. Not only about producing electronic music but also about how we perceive the world as individuals that consider our opinions the one and only truth.

What is the ‘sickest drop ever’, for you? Let us know in the comments!

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