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Hyper! and GL$ gathered with some of the finest creatives

The guys from Geisha’s Little Secret and Hyper have yet again collaborated on an amazing day and night full of creative’s finest. From skateboarding to tattoos, the event managed to combine every side of what they stand for. Moving from outside to inside, the night edition served a line-up to applaud for. Le 77, Darrell Cole and Kevin Kofii brought the best of Belgian hip-hop to swerve to.

Article by Yaell Monas, pictures by Bavo Goossens

On Saturday May 11, Hyper and GL$ served the fourth edition of Hypercultcha and Hyper! at night. During the day, a lifestyle market was build around the cultural centre in Bornem. A skateboarding contest, clothing pop-up shops and food-trucks changed the site to a creatives walhalla. In the early spring sun, a dance battle and live music set the mood for what was coming next.

Once the sun went down, the setting moved to the big inside venue at the site to go on with Hyper! At Night. The guys from Strange Love tattoo studio moved their gear and were happy to keep tattooing during the upcoming gigs. It’s a strangely satisfying idea to get tattooed while listening to your favourite artists. Although the crowd had to get used to not chilling in the sun anymore, they slowly but surely came in the mood to dance the night away once Darrell Cole entered the stage.

Antwerps finest

Darrell set the mood with a great version of BOATS (we told you to memorize those lyrics) followed by Take Me Away. He made the audience up front drip from excitement, knew exactly how to play the crowd and even convinced the people in the back to move a little. The fun thing about local artists is that they don’t care if there's a big crowd, a small audience or if anyone even knows their lyrics. Cole is one of those artists that will try to convince everyone he’s worth their time. And what would Antwerps finest rapper be without Antwerps biggest hypeman? Friend and creative Mind Off Mars jumped on stage to accompany Cole with some trap bangers in between the boombap tunes. A combo made in heaven.

Yung Internet à la Bruxelles

Cole was followed by Brussels finest duo Le 77. The guys make you think of the Brussels equivalent of the Dutch duo Yung Internet, with their satire and no-fucks-given attitude. A playboy dadcap, a beat-up pair of airforces and old leather jackets they found at the flea market, their fits showed exactly what the crowd expected from the guys. Le 77 is the perfect example of how to conquer Flemish and Walloon hearts. Although they rap in French, the Dutch people rap along as if the language has never been an issue. After Le 77, Kevin Kofii served the crowd the best R&B and hip-hop for the rest of the night.

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