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IAMGUNZ: “I’m working harder since fatherhood”

With over 10 years of experience, Antwerp-based rapper IAMGUNZ is a certified household name in the Antwerp hip-hop scene. The Belgian/Congolese rapper recently released his third EP 'Big Daddy's World' and he's determined to continue his musical journey. The EP follows after the birth of his first son and GUNZ's musical career has definitely been influenced by fatherhood, he tells us.

'Baller Alert', one of the tracks on IAMGUNZ's third EP

Some while ago you released the music video for 'Baller Alert' exclusively on Chase. But for those who haven't heard of you yet: who is IAMGUNZ?

My birth name is Lorris Masudi. Born and raised in Antwerp. Pioneer of the Belgian rap game! IAMGUNZ is a go-getter and unstoppable. He doesn’t know what quitting is. He doesn’t take no for an answer. I think a lot of people would’ve stopped if they were in my shoes. I don’t think many people have the same level of passion, motivation, and determination.

You just released your third EP 'Big Daddy's World' on may 11th. What can we expect?

I just want people to dance, cry, turn up and make love to my music, lol. All jokes aside, this EP is all about diversity. You can’t categorize it. It’s hip-hop, trap music, afrobeat & so many more stuff in the mix. I’m a chameleon.

You are an independent artist. Is this a conscious choice or rather out of necessity?

Nowadays, you don’t have to be signed to a major label. With social media, there’s enough access to resources to build a brand. Indie artists need to need to work 10 times harder. We have to find ways to exploit these resources. But signing a deal doesn’t give any guarantees either. Signed artists may have more bookings and Spotify playlist advantages, but at the end of the day, what are they signing up for? I personally would like a bigger deal if I were to be signed! For now, I’m going to invest my precious time and money in my own shit. I wouldn’t like to have the middleman taking off with all the credit. I work too hard to get played. As a matter of fact, I’ll only sign if the check is big enough to buy my momma a new crib. I know my worth!

"I'll only sign a deal if the check is big enough. I know my worth."

Your EP's title is clearly referring to your newborn son. Did fatherhood change you as a person and as an independent artist?

Oh yeah. Definitely! Fatherhood has opened my eyes. Let’s put it like this: I’m nobody to play with since fatherhood. Not only am I working harder, but I'm working smarter too. I want my son to have a successful daddy. I’ll teach him how to chase his goals.

Your EP 'Big Daddy's World' is out now, what will the near future bring?

Of course, 'Big Daddy’s World' is now available on every platform. Make sure you download and stream it. I hope it will get a lot of love! What I'm also looking forward to is setting Tomorrowland on fire on July 20th! The biggest achievement of my career, up until now. All tickets are already sold out, so it will be great. Just wait for the footage!

You can stream 'Big Daddy's World' now!
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