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IAMGUNZ releases his video for ‘Baller Alert’ exclusively on Chase

Baller Alert! Nothing is what it seems with the Antwerp based rapper IAMGUNZ. What seems to be a cool and afro rhythmic tune at first turns out to be nothing more than a mix of art. This new single from the rapper comes at you like a slap in the face. The 'Urban Legend' -rapper who made us groove on afrobeats, strikes again! This time, it's not only about music as a passion, but about music as a way to underline the power of youth.

"Baller Alert is a tune for the culture!", he says. The track has brought together the youth of Antwerp among whom dancers, musicians, martial artists, etc... As runner up of the single 'Urban Legend', which was well received by Noisey, Xite TV, Puna, Radio Stad and Spotify, 'Baller Alert' announces his upcoming EP in all its glory. Stay tuned while vibing on this hot track!


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