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Amazumi spits empowering demon-purging rhymes in our new Chase Verses episode

You might still know her as Zulu Moon, one of the 8th finalists of the Nieuwe Lichting back in 2015. This female MC with Nepalese roots recently changed her name to Amazumi to fit the empowering hip hop amazone she truly is. Last month, she released her EP called "V for Venom". Guided by dark synths and deep grunts, while innovatively bending genres, she purges herself from demons and takes all her poison out (read all about it in our interview here). We are honoured to present you the live versions of "Vamp" and "Hadouken" she brought in our Chase Verses studio, with Owen Perry Weston as her vocal sidekick. Be sure to check out our Youtube channel and subcribe for more!


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