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Illustrator/sneaker collector Jonas Cozone took over our Instagram page last week

Jonas Cozone (pronounced as Coz-1) is a Belgian all-round creative. He is an illustrator, vintage sportswear collector and beat producer. Cozone made hip hop beats for well-known names in the Dutch music scene (Safi & Spreej, Kleine Ben en King B) and released several beat tapes on Bandcamp.

Some items of his vintage sportswear collection are displayed on his Instagram page. It's clear he is very passionate about sneakers, Nike Air Max in particular. When he was about 14 years old, he first saw a pair of Air Max on a family trip in Paris. It was love at first sight. Being a skate-loving teenager in the late 90s and early 2000s, Jonas developed a love for French and Belgian street culture, music and fashion. He used to do a lot of graffiti back then, which you can see clearly in his recent illustrations. You’ll find a lot of animal-like creatures in his work. He draws mostly city animals like cats, dogs and rats wearing vintage sportswear.

For his Chase Instagram takeover, Cozone posted 5 illustrations that each have their own story. Discover more about the artist and what inspires him in his takeovers below. Be sure to click on the pictures as some of them are albums.

Photo by Kaat Van Tiggel.

Follow Jonas Cozone on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp or Soundcloud or visit his website where you'll find all of his artwork.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next Instagram takeover at @chasemusicbe

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