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COVID: How are artists & nightlife dealing with the pandemic? We asked Yung Mavu, Ruby Grace…

While the pandemic has overturned lots of people’s lives, the virus has also been a true party pooper to the music and nightlife business. The industries which have typically brought us so much joy are now the ones that are often being ignored.

Shot & interview: Heloise Selleslag, Ioni Villanueva, Pauline De Vlieger, Phoebe Doclo Video Editing: Heloise Selleslag, Ioni Villanueva, article by Ioni Villanueva.

We had an openhearted interview with rapper Yung Mavu, singer Ruby Grace, owner of the Charlatan in Ghent Gerald Claes, and resident DJ of C12 in Brussels Damien Dardenne. We asked them about their current state of mind during the lockdown. What do they miss most? How do they see the future of their industry? And most importantly, how are they doing?

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What stands out to us is the interviewees’ realism about the situation but also their continuing love for what they do. Like everyone who is stuck at home, they have discovered new passions, new music, and new interests. However, bringing people together through music is still their main goal. So let’s hope that we can see them perform very soon. Maybe in our favorite club or at our favorite festival *praying hands emoji*

If you are having a hard time due to the pandemic, reach out to loved ones or seek professional help if necessary. There is always someone who is waiting to listen.

Disclaimer: Every interview was conducted in accordance with the corona regulations that were in place at the time of the shoot. All crew members wore facemasks and maintained a distance of 1,5 meters from the interviewee.

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