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Dvtch Norris: same interview before & after his Ancienne Belgique show

A month ago, Dvtch Norris did a show at the legendary Ancienne Belgique. Curious about the impact such a show has on a performer, we asked him the same questions before and after his performance. Check both interviews in the video below.

Text and interview by Ingmar Doumen, video and edit by Maïté Huylebrouck

Dvtch’ Ancienne Belgique show was part of the lead-up towards the release of his new EP ‘Fahad Seriki, I Hate You’ which will drop soon. The project will give us some insight in the mind and insecurities of Fahad Seriki, who’s the man behind Dvtch Norris.

In January, the Antwerp-born, Brussels-based artist released his first track of the EP and today, we got blessed by another one! This one is called 'Save Us' and has a soothing, angelic hook, contrasting with a heavy-hitting beat and rapid flows. It's the kind of song that makes you want to fall in love & slap someone in the face at the same time.

On the 31st of May, we can expect a brand new clip for 'Save Us', directed by former Chase member Heleen Declercq. We’re definitely looking forward to that!

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