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Lord Esperanza & Peet double interview before Dour Festival

Last month, we got the chance to attend a FiftyFifty Session in Brussels' Kanal - Centre Pompidou. Playing that night: Brussels Peet and Parisian Lord Esperanza, both honouring the francophone rap during their show. We grabbed the opportunity to reunite them before the concert for a double interview. On our question list: music, shows, Dour and so much more. Action!

Interview by Ingmar Doumen, video and edit by Maïté Huylebrouck

This FiftyFifty session was a partnership with Dour Festival. Peet will be performing there on Saturday, July 13 and so will Lord Esperanza on Sunday, July 14. If you have the feeling Peet's face seems familiar, that's highly possible because he's part of the Le 77, a Brussels rap crew. Recently, he has also been experimenting solo and released his second project called “Mecman” in December 2018.

On the other side, Lord Esperanza is conquering the French rap game with already two EP's and a solid first album on his record. Let's remember he's only 22 years old, after all. December 2018 was the cherry on the top for the rapper, because that's when he released his song Le Temps Des Graviers and performed it for the famous Colors Berlin Shows.

If you liked the personalities and music of Lord Esperanza and Peet, you can catch them on stage (and in A$AP Rocky's public) at Dour Festival from 10 till 14 of July!

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