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Why You Should Invest in EUphoria, a New Film by Black speaks Back

Black speaks Back, a Belgian-Dutch non-profit organisation focusing on the empowerment of youth with African roots, is producing its very first Afrofuturistic musical film in Brussels but they need your help! Here's why you should consider investing in this innovative project: 

​Black speaks Back have mostly been creating online short movies in which they discussed various subjects regarding blackness in a white man's world. But now they’re here with a real musical film: EUphoria. By making this film, they want to show a fictional Europe that isn’t exclusively white. The story, which is situated in the future, shows a perfect multicultural world. EUphoria tells five unique stories from the perspective of people with African roots.

To find the right actors, Black speaks Back rallied Afro-European youth in Brussels. The aspiring actors followed intensive workshops, bootcamps and singing classes over the course of just a few months. They will now work together with movie director Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu (Ghana/Roemenië). The film will bring a unique combination of poetry, rap, music and dance.

The movie should be released on May 9 on NEXT GENERATION, Please! Festival in Bozar. But to make sure the release can go as planned Black speaks Back needs your help! To be able to pay for the actors, the filming materials, and so on they need 5.500 euros. That’s why Black speaks Back are organising a growfunding. You can choose how much you donate and per donation, you will receive a thank you gift! More information about these rewards and donations can be found on the growfunding page.

So if you want to support a good cause and would like to see this innovative, refreshing project come true: show your support, tell your friends and donate some money!




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