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Is Chase Academy the next step in your creative career?

Is your mind bubbling with ideas and inspiration? Do you have a story to tell and is your creativity yearning to be used for projects? Are you stuck every time you are trying to figure out how you can make your voice heard? The Chase Academy Digital Storytelling postgraduate at KASK School of Arts could be the next step on your path towards becoming a creative all-rounder.


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Whether you would like to gain knowledge on how to create podcasts or you would like to improve your video shooting skills, this postgraduate could be exactly what you were looking for. Moreover, this program could make the difference when it comes to job offers in the future.

The postgraduate consists of a combination of hands-on workshops, creative assignments and lectures given by experts from all over the world. At the end of the year, you will have completed a personal graduation project and you will have followed an internship in line with your newly gained skills. And yes, this internship can most definitely be done at Chase Music.

You can register your application for this program until 28 June and if you’re still in doubt, you can visit the campus on 24 and 26 June to soak up the atmosphere. The program runs for a single academic year, only takes up 39 ECTS credit points and a bachelor's degree is required. Its lectures take place from October until March on Monday and Wednesday evenings and on Thursdays during the daytime, which means the postgraduate could easily be combined with a job or with other running projects.

For more information about the Digital Storytelling postgraduate, feel free to visit the Chase Academy website or to contact Pieter, the Chase Academy program coordinator.

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