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Is Facebook Ruining Instagram?

Instagram has come up with a new feature. The app announced that from now on, users can share multiple photos and videos in one single post! Nice... or is it? A closer look at the up and downsides, if any, of Instagram's latest update.

Instagram's latest update might come as no surprise to those who know that Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012. Since then Instagram's features have greatly expanded. Last year Instagram launched “Instagram Stories”, a feature that enabled users to share temporary stories with their followers. Such a feature was unique to Snapchat at the time and it was met with mixed feelings; what platform should we share our stories on and is it even okay for Facebook to simply adopt an app's basic reason of existence and use it as a new function? 

Enough about the past, what about the future? How does it work? Simple. When uploading content to your Instagram account, you will see a new icon to select multiple photos and videos. From now on you won't have to choose anymore which snapshot of your amazing city trip or crazy night out is worthy enough to be posted. Good luck trying not to spam your followers though. You are now able to create slideshows with up to 10 photos or videos. You can even post some kind of story with multiple shorter videos, like Lefto did last Friday morning at work at Worldwide FM:



at in the morning...

Een bericht gedeeld door lefto (@lefto) op


Even though the charm of an Instagram page is often how its shared visuals are like tiles that form one big mosaic, this feature can also be very useful for accounts dedicated to sharing interesting visuals and art. This allows them to give their viewers a more intense taste of an artist's work or even create a certain atmosphere in one single post, such as this magnificent post, inspired by the work of Marius Sperlich:



always inspired by @mariussperlich #thetaxcollection

Een bericht gedeeld door Tanner (@tannerfromtax) op

This is all very exciting, but people wonder if Instagram will eventually take over the functions of Facebook as it did Snapchat's?

For starters, although many Snapchat users switched to Instagram,  to be able to reach a larger audience, the use of Snapchat private snaps and filters are not surpassed. Some even prefer its smaller more private audience. Even Queen Bey is keeping a "private" Snapchat account on the side, it turns out. Apart from that it is not likely Instagram will take over all of Facebook’s functions. Facebook still has its own merits as a more personal and familial invested platform on which it is easy to create groups, to plan and follow events.

So what does it mean? According to us, this is just another interlude into transmedial storytelling, storytelling across social media platforms. An era in which we’ll be sharing our stories over different media platforms that work together closely, instead of choosing just one. Admittedly, it is all a bit confusing at first but there is no doubt we’ll get the hang of it.

Better make sure you're prepared for Facebook's next plan: Instagram Spectacles!

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