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Join our Chase x Onbeskoft ‘Open Mic Afternoon’ at DISplay.

Upcoming MC's, producers, dancers,.. This one's for you! Chase & Onbeskoft are hosting an open mic afternoon in Hasselt in collaboration with De Serre Hasselt on the 24th of August at DISplay. We want to bring together up and coming hip hop talent together and create an afternoon filled with upcoming artists and collaborations. So what is Onbeskoft and what are they looking for? We asked the guys themselves.

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Interview & photo by Sacha Claes, text by Chloé Galmiche Quinot

DISplay, the venue for our Open Mic Afternoon. Hosted by De Serre Hasselt.

What is Onbeskoft in a few sentences?

You know hip hop? Onbeskoft is like "fuck everything", we do what we want, we love hip hop, and that's Onbeskoft. We're all about bringing people and talent together for the love of hip hop.

How did it start actually?

It started with a birthday party with a couple of friends in a small cafe in our hometown, "The Top". We never intended to organise parties but everybody who came liked hip-hop and was very postive. We then starting thinking and we were like "ah, maybe there is a crowd for these kind of parties and we should do something with it.."

Did you got some positive responses on that?

Yeah yeah the first party was very... lit. We made the ugliest poster hahah, with Trump smoking a joint and the café owner standing behind his bar.

After the first one we wanted to go more serious and we started doing a Christmas party, afterwards we wanted to do more promotion, so we wanted to do something with 'Lommel Leeft', and then the city more or less helped us set up a small town hip hop festival and now this year will be our second year organising that.

You're actually based in Lommel, so why are you coming to Hasselt?

Because we live in a small town and there's not a lot of rappers, hip hop artists, but in Hasselt it's a little more open, there's a lot more talent. We want to gather more people from al over Limburg and even broader than that. So Hasselt is a good start.

You guys are doing an open mic together with us, where did that idea come from?

We were looking for new artists for our Onbeskoft Sound System. We're always looking for a new resident DJ and someone to help with our organization. From few auditions we had some talents who could take a chance to grab the mic for some tunes or set, so we're hoping to find other talents, local talents, that we can help grow. Because here in Belgium, there are a lot of young creative people, but nobody discovers them. We want to provide opportunities. We want to be the first ones to give them a stage, we want them to grow and to be the 'Puff Daddy of Belgium' hahah.

Also, there are a lot of DJ contests but not a lot of open mics. We know that in Limburg there are a lot of young talents but they don't get a stage or an opportunity. We want them to know they can come to Onbeskoft and perform their songs. That's we want in Onbeskoft, that's our idea.

So for the open mic, are you looking for specific types of people?

Producers, rappers, MCs, breakdancers, everybody that does something hip hop related can enlist. If you can rap that's okay, if you can produce that's also okay. It's a nice opportunity to get those people together so they can connect with each others, make songs or something together and build their network.

You're also giving away a prize, which is?

The prize is an opportunity to play at our next event, 'Bigger Than Hip Hop' which is held on the 31st of August. We also have Mula B & Snelle on our lineup.

We're expecting about a thousand people so that can be a great opportunity to play for a larger audience for the first time. They can perform one or two songs during the sound system closing set of the event.

You can know enter the open-mic afternoon on August 24th via this form and follow the event on Facebook to get all updates and news.

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