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Develop your creative skills in the Chase Academy Postgraduate!

Is it your dream to work in a media company? Do you want to create catchy advertisements that win the hearts of viewers? Or maybe you would like to be the next big hit on TikTok or YouTube? Chase Academy’s Postgraduate can help you achieve all that and much more!

The Postgraduate in Digital Content Creation at Artevelde Hogeschool is starting its second semester soon. Applications are still open but places are limited. So go snatch your spot through THIS LINK before someone else does!

Throughout 11 weeks of courses, you will learn the ins and outs of online platforms, delve into digital strategies, and discover how great storytelling can boost brands. You will put the theory into action and gain hands-on experience in videography, photography, and editing. Sprinkle in some new technologies like VR and Instagram filters and you have a full content-creator-starter-pack. Are you a blank slate when it comes to these topics? Don’t panic. You will be guided throughout the courses by experts from the field. All you need is a ‘Just do it’ attitude and a passion for creation.

It’s the perfect opportunity to hone your skills if you ask us.
Bonus: complete the Postgraduate and you’ll end up with some great content pieces to add to your professional portfolio. Top it off with an internship at Chase, Warner Music, Medialaan, Vice, or some fancy PR or advertising agency and you have a recipe for success.

Feeling inspired yet? For more information, head over to the Artevelde website.

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