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Join the Belgian hip-hop Facebook group

Together with Tarmac we just launched the Belgian hip-hop Facebook group. Hip-hop in our country has been doing good these past years but we noticed our scene is still pretty much divided due to the language differences. By now most hip-hop fans in Flanders are well aware of the Brussels' scene. They know the big shots, like Roméo Elvis & Damso. But do they know what's going on in cities like Liège or Charleroi? 

The same can be said for the French speaking hip-hop scene in Belgium. Do they know artists like Coely, Brihang, Woodie Smalls, or the Eigen Makelij crew? 

Are people aware of hip-hop concerts and parties outside of their language area? 

At Chase we have always promoted Belgian hip-hop artists from all over the country through our 'Belgian Hip-Hop of the week' blogposts, interviews, Chase Verses... Now we also want to promote dialogue, knowledge, and awareness within the scene. No matter what language you speak, if you have a passion or interest in Belgian Hip-Hop you are more than welcome to join our group. Just try to make yourself understandable for everybody by posting in English.

All members can post Belgian hip-hop, upcoming concerts with Belgian artists, old Belgian hip-hop throwbacks, questions, discussion topics... 

We will post our Belgian hip-hop content, new events, dope interviews and moderate the group so everything runs smoothly. 

So definitely don’t hesitate to join this online community! And invite your friends while you're at it!

Join here.


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