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“You could say it’s the new face of Juicy” - A chat with the women behind Juicy

2018 was their biggest year yet. An EP release, on tour with Angèle and a festival-filled summer. Before their show at this year’s edition of Les Ardentes, hip hop/RnB-duo Juicy made some time for an interview with us.

Apparently there was more than one ‘press area’ at the festival and Juicy and our team were clueless. But after some time looking for each other behind the stages of Les Ardentes, we eventually found the Juicy girls and sat down with them for a chat.

When you started Juicy, all of this success wasn’t really supposed to happen. But now that you’re growing so fast: what’s next? What's on your bucket list?

We really want to play outside of Belgium! Besides that we’d also like to work on a new EP, a full album and make more music videos. But most importantly: We want to play live as much as we can.

But we don’t really have big bucket list items like a fashion line and things like that. We just want to be happy with our music!

You’ve been touring with Angèle as her support act during the last few months. How did the tour go?

Being on tour with her was really cool and the timing was perfect as well! Our EP just came out and we did a release party for it right before we went on tour with her, so we were completely ‘in the vibe’ of performing.

This was great because during Angèle’s tour we had to play for a lot of people that had probably never heard of Juicy before. So we really had to leave a good impression on them! The 7 shows we played on her tour were also the perfect preparation for the festival season.

You went from more fun songs to songs with a societal message. Will you actively be using your music as a means to make a point?

Yes, every time we write a song there has to be a message behind it. We think that being an artist in the present day means you should speak up about what’s happening around you.

Juicy interview by Kamilia Sain 2

Critics and journalists are writing a lot about the feminist message that can be found in your songs on the EP.

We have been doing covers for 2 years and we mainly chose the songs for these covers because the lyrics had a sexist meaning. We basically brought 'sexist’ songs by male artists, but we didn’t change the lyrics so it was quite weird in a funny way to hear 2 female artists sing those lyrics.

Many people did see us as feminists after our EP release, but we were definitely not planning on using that as our 'brand’. We’ll definitely be singing about other subjects in the future as well.

When I was listening to the EP, I noticed a lot of different influences. From darker atmospheres to Arabic-influenced scales. Where do you get your influences from?

We listen to a lot of different genres like classical music, jazz, etc. In fact, we actually met each other when we studied jazz together at The Conservatory. But honestly we don’t decide what we want to do with a song in advance. We just write and see what happens.

You just announced the clip for ‘For Hands On Ass’. The preview on your instagram story looked a lot different than what we’re used to seeing from you. What can we expect from it?

We want to keep doing very different things for each video, but this one really is a lot different than the other music videos we did. It’s a lot more serious. This is because of the energy of the song. It’s the most serious track of the album.

The people have never seen us like this before. You could say it’s a ‘new face of Juicy’.

Juicy interview by Kamilia Sain 3

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