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Levi’s built the first skatepark in Taghazout, Morocco

Local skaters and kids of the Moroccan town Taghazout now have their own skatepark, thanks to the Levi’s Skateboarding and Make Life Skate Life organisations. The park was built on an empty plot of land, overlooking the seaside town, with 105 volunteers working 19 days to complete the new park. With this project, Levi’s wants to make sure everyone gets the chance to skate and sport, regardless of economic status. To show the park to the world, Levi's made a video about the DIY skatepark and the story of the local skaters.

Article by Yaell Monas, pictures by Levi's Skateboarding

The video Levi's made for the opening of the skatepark in Taghazout

Taghazout is a small fishing town on the Moroccan coast line, some 20 kilometers up north from Agadir. During the past decades, the town became a popular surf destination, which involved exclusive resorts with lots of recreational activities and locations inaccessible to locals. Levi’s Skateboarding and Make Life Skate Life heard about that and engaged 105 volunteers, local community leaders and skaters from all over the world to build a new concrete skatepark, open for everyone. Supporting skateboarding and other recreational activities isn't the priority of the local government, but the mayor of the town happily supported the project.

Make Life Skate Life x Levi's

Next to Levi's Skateboarding, Make Life Skate Life was also a big part of the creation of the new skatepark. The non-profit organisation works with local community leaders and volunteers to create free, community built, concrete skateparks. Together with Levi's they have built skateparks in La Paz, Bolivia, Bangalore, India and now in Taghazout, Morocco. This way, the skatepark becomes a place for youngsters to get together with their peers and the international skaters and surfers visiting the town of Taghazout.

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