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Listen to Cyra Gwynth’s brand new single ‘Therapy’ here

Cyra Gwynth, a Belgian singer-songwriter with Filipino roots, has released a brand new single, 'Therapy'. Her new track is all about stubbornness, love and lovesickness and it's everything you need right now.

Text by Jeroen Poelmans

One year ago, Cyra Gwynth wrote her very first single, and she hasn’t stopped ever since. After an EP ('Pink Cotton'), a collaboration with Darrell Cole and lots of studio hours, she’s back with a new single. It’s definitely her best one to date, and it both reflects and escapes the tensions of love. ‘Therapy’ doesn’t nearly sound like the sultry summer song she released back in September. On the contrary, Cyra Gwynth sounds more gloomy, glowing and lovesick than ever before.

With a voice full of expression, she sings about stubbornness, love and being lovesick. “The first verse expresses the inability to admit that you’re heartbroken. The more the song progresses, the more this inability fades away under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol serves as the type of therapy that loosens the tongue.”

Listen to Cyra Gwynth her brand new single ‘Therapy’ below!

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