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Listen to the ‘Best Of 2019’ Spotify playlist curated by the Chase team

The year 2019 is coming to an end and there's no better way to end it, than with a playlist containing 2019's best songs according to the Chase team. About 30 people from withing the Chase group of creators sent through their favorites, resulting in the perfect mixture of Belgian and international urban music. Hit the follow button on our Spotify profile to listen to our favorite tracks of the year, and to stay up to date for upcoming playlists!

Article by Ashley Okwuego


A lot of top Belgian artists made the Chase 'Best Of 2019' playlist but also some smaller artists, who might have their breakthrough next year. Belgian hip-hop is booming, there's no doubt about that. Chase creator Nadia Hanssens: "The genre has been developing to a higher level for a number of years. There are several artists who really get their own style to the mainstream, and you notice that it is finally being picked up by the radio stations. 2020 will be the year for Belgian hip-hop, I can feel it!"

Nadia Hanssens: "My favorite Belgian hip-hop song from 2019 is without a doubt R.A.F from Zwangere Guy. I listened to the entire 'Wie is Guy?' album over and over last year. There are so many hard songs on it that you can really let go while listing to it. At the same time, it contains content and personality. The beat of R.A.F is a bit dark, with many layers, that immediately appealed to me. When I saw Zwangere Guy at Couleur Café, that song was the pinnacle of his performance for me."


In addition to the usual hip-hop, we also made room for some other related genres like afrobeats, which really was inevitable this year. Ingmar Doumen aka Yooth, live stream programmer at Chase: "I chose 'Dumebi' by Rema as one of my best tracks of the year. For me personally, 2019 was the year of Nigerian music. Despite the road to the mainstream being paved for a while, by Wizkid and others, in 2019 afrobeats and afrofusion tracks were first released on a large scale. They've combined the old formula with innovative sounds. Think of Santi, Odunsi and Burna Boy for example. I expect from Rema that he will be able to follow their footsteps in 2020!"

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