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Lucian Moreau releases debut EP ‘Prequel’ and it’s darker than your soul

Lucian Moreau from Ghent just released his debut EP 'Prequel' on the small HS71 label. Lucian is the alter ego of Chase videographer Loïc Meulenberg and his EP sounds like an imperfect monologue, starting off with some Shlohmo vibes and ending with just a notch of Nils Frahm. In between, you'll find samples of cracking joints, Cambodian field recordings, classical cello and some super personal samples.

In this project, the 22-year old bedroom producer tries to find peace with the fact that everything is always a prequel to another event, another state of mind. Time just doesn't stop, imperfection is key. Three days of drunk hazy composing led to the blueprint of 'Prequel'. The following 24 months he didn't start any new projects, but kept adjusting this one, one element after another.

The full EP gives you a perfect image of what the past years sounded and felt like for Lucian. 'Prequel' is 2 years in 12 minutes, with 'Martyr' and 'Runaway' as focus tracks. As he puts it himself: 'The artwork, the sounds, it's never exactly what it should be, but that's the whole point'.

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