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Lyna’s first EP ‘Gemini’ is a smooth RnB gem

Singer-songwriter Lina Lahbiri, also known as Lyna, releases her first EP today, on the 21st of June. The first single of the EP, called 'Take It', was released earlier this month and you can now discover the rest of the Belgian singer's work. Gemini is Lyna's biggest project so far and its RnB and hip-hop vibes will delightfully seduce you.

Article by Chloé Galmiche, header picture by Raia Maria-Laura

Wanting to be a singer since she was 4, Lina never gave up. She tried her chance on TV shows many times and always got the best from it. At the age of 16, she won the Talent der Lage Landen show. At 17, she decided to try her chance on television again and made it to the live shows of The Voice van Vlaanderen. This experience brought her opportunities, an important network, and the needed maturity to start making her own music.


On the 14th of June, the song 'Take It' has been released as the first single of the EP. The music video retraces the story of a young couple. It shows how madly fun but financially difficult the life of young adults can be. The aesthetic scenes swing between angry arguments and tender reconciliations. All of this highlighting the unavoidable side-effects of a passionate relationship. The video clip has been directed by Raia Maria-Laura, a talented young Belgian photographer.


The Gemini EP consists of 6 songs, one including a featuring with the Brussels based rapper Eddy Ape. All the lyrics on the EP are in English and will guide you through Lyna her love stories and wounds. She has been betrayed and hurt but via this EP she shows us how she got better and learned to be an independent and strong woman. The efficient beats make you dance and the Moroccan musical references (brass instruments and guitar) take you to a feminine bold world close to Ariana Grande's. Playing slightly with voice effects, she even reveals some nice rap skills.

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