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Making compelling YouTube videos – live stream with video host and producer Yara Elmjouie

“I make videos and appear in them”. Quite a humble statement, because he does it brilliantly. Yara Elmjouie is a host and producer at AJ+ and has amassed tens of millions of views across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with his award-winning show ‘In Real Life’. Yara knows better than anyone how to make a compelling video for YouTube.

That’s why Chase Academy is inviting Yara to share his story and knowledge on how to make the perfect YouTube video. Curious? Make sure you join our FREE live stream on February 7th at 19:00.

What can you learn from Yara?

In 2018, AJ+ launched ‘In Real Life’. Since then, Yara’s videos have reached tens of millions of people. On top of that, ‘In Real Life’ won a slew of renowned awards in the world of food journalism and online video! 
Yara will give you insights behind the scenes, on his working process, and he will break down a couple of his videos. On top of that, you’ll hear lots of tips and tricks which you can immediately start using in your own videos. 

Are you excited to follow this Chase Academy Creator Talk? Make sure to sign up! This talk is brought to you by Chase Academy and KASK & Conservatorium.

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