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Meeting Of Styles: 60 international graffiti artists meet up in Antwerp

The biggest international graffiti festival has arrived in Antwerp again! Meeting Of Styles is being held in 20 different countries and brings together different artists from all around the world. This weekend it's Antwerps turn.

Over the course of the weekend, 60 graffiti artists will repaint a surface of about 2500 square meters, right outside the Zomerfabriek in Antwerp. 'Each artist is going to work on his wall for the next 3 days. At the end of the weekend, the whole street will be repainted!', RiseOne tells us.

Yvon Tordoir a.k.a. RiseOne, is one of the founders of Aerosolkings, the Belgian graffiti collective that organizes Meeting Of Styles in Belgium. 'Every participating country has its own group of local artist which help organize the event,' he tells us.

This is the fifth consecutive year during which they brought Meeting Of Styles to Belgium. 'Last year, we had guests from Malaysia and Australia. They were in Europe for a whole month or so. After Belgium, Meeting Of Styles travels to France and Poland. The graffiti artists tour throughout Europe and stop at multiple locations to create their art. After touring through Europe, the festival will travel to America and Asia. In this way, the festivals travels all around the world.'

One of RiseOne's murals

'There will be a lot of well-known artists attending the event, including Sliders from Bandits Dresden and the STICK UP KIDS,' RiseOne tells us. 'Or maybe our special guest rings a bell: it's Sociaal Incapabele Michiel! He is not really a graffiti writer but he's also going to take care of a mural. Who knows what he will make out of it?'

In case you're tired of looking at other people and want to try it out for yourself, you could always participate in one of the graffiti workshops. Pick up the basics under the guidance of one of the local artists. The workshops take place on Friday and Saturday, between 14h00 and 17h00.

Plus let's not forget, there's still a bunch of other stuff to experience. 'We're also welcoming a Swiss collective, which travels around in trucks, from one street-art festival to another. Inside the trucks, you'll find their artwork. It's kind of a mobile exposition.' You also have the opportunity to buy stuff at the street market. ‘Many of the artists are selling their merchandise, including shirts and prints.' There's also live hip-hop music powered by Soulsupply, a b-boy jam, a skate ramp inside the Zomerfabriek and an afterparty on Saturday.

Why should ze definitely attend according to RiseOne? 'It's the biggest international graffiti festival in the world, right in your own backyard. You better come and check it out!' The entrance and activities are free by the way, so you have no excuse. You've heard RiseOne, come and check it out! Minkelersstraat in Antwerp to be precise.

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