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MMXVI Holly X Toykyo Capsule Collection: a mouth-watering collection

Holly Waffles is the creative baby of the famous street artist Bue the Warrior. While travelling the world painting colorful murals, Bue fell in love with the warm and vibrant culture of Mexico. He felt like the Belgian weather was disrupting his creative process and moved to the sunny streets of Mexico’s capital. The combination of his passion for the Belgian kitchen and his new found love for the Mexican culture led to the birth of Holly Waffles, a part time waffle house and part time concept store. 

Toykyo is a Belgian multidisciplinary design studio based in Ghent, founded roughly 10 years ago. Born from a passion for a strong and striking visual culture, Toykyo believes in a philosophy that preaches creativity, optimism and originality. The same philosophy is applied to their work and designs. They thrive on versatility and aren’t afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone. Their work navigates trough the vague boundaries between graphic design, illustration and set design. 



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MMXVI Holly X Toykyo Capsule Collection

With this collab, two brands are connecting different cultures whilst reconnecting with old friends. The products that form this collaboration are heavily seasoned with Toykyo’s signature flavor in graphics. Combined with a deeply rooted, hardcore love for Belgian waffles. The color spectrum in the design represents the Belgian tricolore while the designs and images are inspired by Mexican imagery and culture. Feeling hungry?



The collection is available here! Product preview down below.





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