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‘Silvana’: a docu about a Swedish feminist rapper trying to change the world

Get to know the story behind Silvana Imam, the rising rap star and heroine of the Swedish LGBTQ+ community, with this documentary that only has a few limited screenings in Belgian theaters.

Article by Jeroen Poelmans

The trailer of 'Silvana'

“Crush the fucking patriarchate!”: Silvana Imam has the ability to formulate problems and frustrations into striking words. As a queer, feminist rapper with both Lithuanian and Syrian roots, she's the ideal person to lead an anti-racist movement in Sweden. This documentary is not focused on the music of this strong, conscious rapper, it's mostly about the human behind it.

The filmmaking trio Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring and Christina Tsiobanelis followed the rapper basically everywhere for over two years. They made this movie to show the world that she's more than a power pussy and an LGBTQ+ symbol. There's footage where the rapper is talking about love and fear, where she's hanging in the backstage or laying in her bed, where she's dancing drunk and where she's screaming naked in the forest.

The footage, supplemented with home videos from the mid 90's, when Silvana moved to Sweden, forms a personal story where identity and sexuality have the leading roles. This is a raw and personal portrait of an artist who is trying to change the world, but who is still human after all.

The screenings are organised by Doc Poppies and Moving Docs on the following dates:

Oct 23
Cinema Sphinx – Ghent – 20h
Lumière Cinema – Bruges – 20h
Cinema Zed – Leuven – 19h30
CC Zwaneberg – Heist-op-den-berg – 15h & 20h
BUDA – Kortrijk – 20h30

Oct 24
The Roxy Theater – Koersel – 20h

Nov 21
De Roma – Borgerhout - 20h

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