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‘De Nieuwe Lichting’ finalist MVNSI drops new single ‘Tous Les Mêmes’

27-year-old Fabrice Munsi, better known by his stage name MVNSI dropped his latest single ‘ Tous Les Mêmes ’ today. His first single, ‘Pas question’ took the charts after MVNSI was selected by Studio Brussels as a finalist for De Nieuwe Lichting.

Article by Nicoletta D’Ambrosio

MVNSI Tous Les Mêmes
Photo by Illias Teirlinck

We caught up with MVNSI earlier this year, after the media put him on blast for several allegations. Some thought this could make or break his music career, but MVNSI gave proof of his clean criminal record. Putting all of that behind him, MVNSI dropped his latest single ‘Tous Les Mêmes’ in hopes to push forward and make a name for himself, separate of his De Nieuwe Lichting success.

This is just the beginning for MVNSI – we can’t wait to see what his next move is!

Click the picture below to listen to the new single!

MVNSI tous les memes

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