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Chase starts social storytelling agency Chase Creative

Lately, we got more and more questions from brands who wanted to work with us to promote their events, products, and artists. So we decided to start our own social storytelling agency called Chase Creative. With Chase Creative, we specialize in social content, social media management and social strategy for cutting edge brands that support young talent.  

Header picture by Mayli Sterkendries

Thanks to the success of Chase, we have been working with a long list of clients like Warner Music, Sony Music, Red Bull, Bozar, Seat and much more... We also learned that the best way to spread a message in the digital world is through engaging social content such as social videos and influencer marketing campaigns, blog posts and audio stories. And we always stay true to our slogan: creating genuine social stories that build brand communities.

The profits we make through these assignments are reinvested into the Chase community so we can keep on growing. It's also the perfect opportunity to provide our team of up-and-coming digital storytellers with interesting and paid assignments.

Are you interested in our social content, social media management or social strategy services? Are you a social influencer or social video maker that wants to show off your skills? Contact us through the contact form on our website or reach out to us through our socials.

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