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Night Lovell: “I’m face to face with my inner, darker self on Goodnight Lovell”

Last week, Canadian rapper Night Lovell finally came to Antwerp after postponing his show due to working on his new album. Last month, his album Goodnight Lovell finally hit the internet after two long years of patient waiting. Lovell filled up the whole venue with girls irritatingly trying to get a selfie with the artist, 400 sweaty fans opening mosh pits at every single song and dark as hell lyrics and beats. We sat down with the rapper, who had a surprisingly positive energy off stage.

Article by Yaell Monas, photo's by Bavo Goossens

Coming on stage in a puffer jacket (Night Lovell, are you crazy? It’s like 50 degrees in Trix and people haven’t even started moshing) to the sound of a howling wolf. There’s only one artist who can pull that shit off, and it’s Night Lovell.


Opening the show with Mary Jane, the first track on his new album, immediately set the vibe for the next hour. Lovell is in the building, and if you’re not here to open pits and to stagedive, you’re not at the right show. When Bad Kid, the only song with a videoclip of the new album at the moment, comes on, the audience loses it. The first big mosh pit opens, female fans are pushed on to the stage and shirts are going off. Antwerp shows they have been waiting for this show.

Following with Joan of Arc, his security guard pushes stagedivers off stage while part of the crowd has to go outside to get some fresh air. Sweat drips off the walls and ceiling, but Lovell seems not really impressed. Although he does think Antwerp is better than Brussels two years ago. And it’s a rapper, so we didn’t expect him to do anything live without his track playing in the background but for his slower song he even turned to a capella for a verse. Impressive for a cloud rapper who seems angry most of the time. It’s not like the rapper performed a show, but watching the audience go nuts on Contraband and Boy Red was enough to start off the weekend. The fans got what they expected, what about Night Lovell himself?


Hi Night Lovell, you previously had to postpone your show in Antwerp. Does that make you even more excited for tonight?

The show is sold out, so I’m sure it will be fire. I was working on the album before, so I sadly had to postpone the show. I know I kept the fans waiting, but after all the good feedback on the album I’m sure they will be happy it was postponed.

Two years for an album is quit some time. Are you satisfied with how it turned out?

Yeah, I feel like things are supposed to happen when they are supposed to happen. And that’s how this album was made. I feel like if I would’ve rushed it, and tried to make new music a year ago to put out, it wouldn’t be the same. Now I’ve written it song after song, and it all came together smoothly. Right now, I’m already writing new music for next year or the year after. So working longer would’ve maybe ruined the vibe of how smooth this album went. For me, this is exactly what the album should sound like.


You really do have something with the nighttime, don’t you?

Nighttime offers me so much more creativity than when everybody is awake. I get to know myself at night, that’s what the skeleton in the cage stands for on the album art. The whole concept behind that was the cage represents my dreams and the skeleton is me. So that’s me trapped in my dreams, and the jacket is just to represent me. So in the videoclip of Bad Kid I’m face to face with my other side. That’s the side I get to know at night, a more vulnerable side with secrets. And the album name was just a nice wordplay with my name.

night lovell

You ended with The Sun, which was brighter. Does that mean your next album will be a follow up and less dark? Cause that idea sounds kind of exciting.

I don’t know. The Sun is more like a brighter song, but I don’t like waking up again. You know what I mean? I like being in my dreams, and the sun is up and I’m like okay. This is where I stop talking. I don’t really like making too bright music, cause I feel like it doesn’t hit like the dark shit does. But outside of music I’m a pretty normal guy. That’s why I always use references like Devil Baby James and demon. It’s what I am like inside, and no one else knows.

On your new album there’s $uicideboy$, Lil West and Gnar. Did you know up front you wanted to work with them?

I always want features to be as organic as possible. That’s why I always do features with artists that are down to work with me, and who I know. But for this album, I didn’t want to do too many features as I wanted the fans to show them that it’s my album. They have been waiting for two years, I couldn’t give them an album that was filled with other artists more than with me. They didn’t want to hear anyone else than me on this album.


16 European shows, a big part of them already sold out. Does this feel like a dream to you?

Is it actually 16? I didn’t even know that. It does feel like a dream, but you have to tell yourself that it’s real life because it is. You know what I mean? You have to handle it like it’s real. Although I never saw myself doing this. I wanted to, but I never really saw it happening as I see it now. I was really looking forward to my show in Belgium, because I was here about two years ago and it was crazy. Also, Russia is a country I look forward to perform in. Russian people are crazy and the crowd gets wild every time. And of course European festivals, like Woo Hah last year. The festivals in Europe really are something else, and I’m already booked for some of them.

You’ve achieved so much in the past few years that it almost seems impossible to have next goals but, what is your main goal for the future?

That’s one thing that I actually don’t have. I don’t know, I don’t really like making goals. I just like making music and then see where it takes me. I like it to be an adventure with surprises and stuff. I have a plan, but I don’t really have next goals. Me making music is a goal, and I’m doing that already so I’m happy. So wherever it takes me, it takes me.

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