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Will the next Roméo Elvis please stand up? Meet the Chase Award nominees at RBEA18

For the past three years, we handed out the Chase award to best urban artist at the Red Bull Elektropedia awards. The first year, Woodie Smalls took home our award. For the past 2 years the big winner was Roméo Elvis, who also ended first place in a lot of the other awards. Now, hip-hop is no longer the underdog at the awards, so this year we decided to give some exposure to the new generation.

Headerpicture by Daniil Lavrovski

The 'new urban artist award' is dedicated to young talent that could deserve a bit more attention from the general public (no worries, we won't ask them to do a cover of 'Bruxelles Arrive'). Vote for your favourite here or check out their music first.

Blu Samu

Blu Samu is funky and can spit more rhymes than your average 'skrr skrr' homeboy/girl. This Brussels based lady with Portuguese roots released quite some collaborations and singles so far. In 2018 she released her EP 'Moka' and performed on festivals such as Dour Festival, Les Ardentes, de Lokerse Feesten, Boomtown Festival en Best Kept Secret.

Bryan MG

Bryan MG was raised in Ghent and creates rap and r&b in Dutch, French and English. His debut project 'MGSEASON' features nine tracks produced by Yung Felix, Architrackz, Vanno, Zennybeaterz and Unleaded and was released two months ago. He's quite popular in the Netherlands, but still hasn't experienced a major breakthrough in Belgium.

Eddy Ape

Brussels-based rapper Eddy Ape is probably the smoothest one on the list. His sound has been influenced by soul and jazz, and like he told us in an interview before: "I want people to make love to my songs like they do to some of Marvin Gaye's or Barry White's tunes."


Glints is based in Antwerp and has family in London, which explains the British accent. He has developed a very strong personal style with the help of guitarist Mathias Bervoets and producer Jergan Callebout. His sound combines elements of hiphop, electronic music and pop.


Jay MNG from Brussels is just like Lord Gasmique and Venlo part of the Six O’Clock Gang. His lyrics are in Dutch because he feels more comfortable in his own language. He often joins in on cyphers and open stages and also did a performance on Chase Verses.


We've been following K1D for a few years already. In 2018 he got really busy because he dropped his EP 'High Hopes', got a record deal with Sony Music Belgium and released a summer EP called Peter Pan Syndrome,"strictly made for summertime". We still think he is underrated by the general public in Belgium.

Lord Gasmique

Lord Gasmique his music is raw and to the point. He is part of no less than three different crews. He started off with the Brussels collective Bruksel'R and shares a studio with the 63 collective. Finally, there's the Six ’O Clock Gang which he discovered when Zwangere Guy invited him for a Frontal radio show on Bruzz.

Luie Louis

A few months ago, Antwerp-based Luie Louis released his first solo project called ‘Love Life Louis’ with collaborations from Zwangere Guy, NAG. and Blu Samu. The album is filled with jazz, funk, hip hop bangers and the right amount of humour. He recently started out a brand new collective ‘Roedel’.

Moka Boka

Moka Boka is a Brussels-based rapper who has been in the alternative rap scene for quite some time. Recently, Moka Boka released the track ‘Sourire’, which got him a Colors Berlin feature and a lot more attention.


Venlo calls both Liège and Brussels his home. 'Sang-Froid' was his first solo EP, which dropped in May this year. Both production by Dee Eye and music videos by Twohvnds are on point! Funfact: Venlo is also part of Six O’Clock Gang, just like the two other nominees Jay MNG and Lord Gasmique.

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