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Our 11 favourite Belgian hip hop tracks of 2017

This list is compiled by two members of the Chase music team. Raf Cyran, music producer, beatmaker and record label owner, and Mitchell Galle, owner of the Vlaams hip hop talent group, rapper and community manager for Red Bull Bekvechten, bring you their favourite Belgian tracks of the year.


Roméo Elvis - Lenita

Roméo Elvis… Where do we begin? Morale 2 was probably one of the biggest albums in Belgian hip hop this year and when it came to the selection of this list, we had a tough time choosing only one song of the album. We eventually chose Lenita because of it’s great vibe and catchy sound.


Zwangere Guy - Suave G

Zwangere Guy has had a BIG year in 2017. His first album ‘Zwangerschapsverlof Vol. 3’ was filled with fresh tracks featuring the likes of Roméo Elvis, Le Motel, Le 77 and more. But the one track that we think had the best vibe, flow and beat combined was this one, enjoy.


L’Or du Commun - 1000

The 'Zeppelin' album was a banger, there’s no denying that. While Léon and Apollo (feat. Roméo Elvis) were amazing as well, this one was by far our favourite track of l’ODC.


Darrell Cole - BOATS. (Based On A True Story)

Last year Darrell told us his life story, accompanied by this smooth beat that was heavily sampled from an equally great Jorja Smith song. More of this please!


Swing - Cercle

L’Or du Commun’s Swing ended 2017 with the start of his solo project and my god that song was catchy. By the end of this month, we’ll be able to hear the rest of his ‘Marabout’ album and if we can expect the same quality as this song, we’re definitely in for a treat.


STIKSTOF - Frontal

The moment we heard this beat drop we instantly had to rewind it (big up Astro!). You better watch out because 2018 will be Stikstof’s year.


Freddie King - Regen

One of the biggest surprises this year was definitely Freddie King. His track 'Regen' went trending on Spotify after its release and made it to the top 5 nationally and as Trump would say : 'that's huge'! This guy is a rising star.


Storme - Morgen Is Nooit Zeker (ft. Fatih, Hakim & Pepe)

2017 was also the year where Storme came back from a short hibernation. Belgian streetrap wouldn't be what it is without him lining up to kick our ass a conscience, so we're happy he's back. More please!


Astro - BuSo

One of the revelations of last year was Astro. He proved himself to be a versatile rapper, producer and artist who knows what people want. When we hear this tune, it's impossible to sit still. 'De Verste' is just what the doctor ordered.


SLM - Ewa Ja

One of the catchiest songs we've heard all year, and that's not even up for discussion. The videoclip that joins the song makes it even better. The message is as real as it can be, but the happy beat and cool video make it one of those tracks that every playlist needs.


Pepe - Hebben Te Laat

This track came quite late in 2017, but that doesn't change the fact that this is one hell of a banger. Pepe uses his typical style to make us feel what he's feeling. This track can't leave anyone untouched, can it? We could use some more Pepe tracks in 2018!


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