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Our favorite outfits at Laundry Day 2017

The people of Laundry Day didn’t fail to amaze us with their taste in music and style. As much variation as there was with music and artists, there was with outfits. Take a look at our favorite outfits at Laundry Day 2017.

Photography by Nicolas Grootjans, words by Evi Van Kerckhove

Glitter on the face
Marie struck us immediately with some statement jewelry and a cool pair of jeans shorts. The long, purple fringe earrings are an eye-catching accessory she paired up with jeans shorts pimped with gems. You certainly don’t need a fancy cocktail party to rock some bling on the ears and even more glitter on the face. 


Not your baby
Lente is definitely trying to get a message across with her “not your baby" t-shirt. She’s here to have fun with her girlfriends and check out her favorite artists. The pants were gifted to her and the jacket was borrowed from a friend. A very laid-back and comfy festival outfit. 


Gold rings and bandana
One thing we must admit is that we found the best outfits at the Trillers stage. One of them is Kenny, his whole outfit is thrifted. The gold rings and his bandana complete his look. 


Flower crown
Helena was a walking party. She chose some glitter flare pants, a glitter top and a flower crown. Every part of her outfit had a loose fit so she could dance around all day without getting worried it might get too hot. The sun was definitely shining brighter because of her and her cheerful appearance. 

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