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Our Favourite Outfits at Balaton Sound

The sunny days in Zamárdi are not the only thing our photographer Jennifer and journalist Erkut will be reminiscing about in the near future. At a certain point, the temperatures hit thirty plus degrees. But that didn't stop the festival goers from showing up in their fanciest 'fits. We decided to list the top five fashion killers of the 2017 edition of this Hungarian music gathering for you:

Written by Erkut Gultekin, photos by Jennifer Kestelyn


Temporary tattoos were a hype...
Bakro-Nagy Luca chose a simple and comfortable outfit. Her temporary tattoos serve as the finishing touch of her festival look.


And so was the colour black!
This fashionista attracted our attention with her black outfit. After all, it takes courage to be dressed in dark colours when it's as hot as 30 degrees out. With her remarkable hat/bag combo, Francisca Varga succeeded in looking both urban and classy at the same time.


Wearing same colour flip flops was too mainstream
We met this guy when he was looking for his friend. Jirí Zolènek and his buddy bought the same shorts and slippers. He accidentally wore his red flip flop and then lost him. We thought it looked cool though!


Chill, simple and comfy
Lucky Friedo and Stefanie Chua immediately stole the show with their trendy shades which they bought during their visit to Budapest right before the festival. Friedo’s vintage shirt made it easier for him to dance in such a high temperature. In their daily lives they both choose to wear chill, comfortable and simple outfits as well. 

Expressive and out of order
We saved the best for the last. Wearing trendy tube socks combined with her own style, Diana Holtz is not your average raver. She described her own style as “expressive and out of order”. And apparently this was her favourite jacket.

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