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Our Belgian Hip Hop GIFs: Hot From the Press!

Trying to channel your inner Roméo Elvis? You can now! Virtually, at least. We made some brand new GIFs featuring some of Belgium's finest hip hop artists. Check out our picks on our Giphypage.

How to use them? Just type 'chasemusicbe' in the Giphy search bar and you have the world of Belgian hip hop GIFs at your fingertips. You can also find all our GIF's by typing 'chasemusicbe' in your Facebook Messenger or chat GIF search bar.

Here are some of our favorites to warm you up for the rest of them:

romeo elvis, chase, gif, gifs

Confused Roméo

caballero, chase, gif, gifs

Cheeky Caballero

Disappointed Damso

Spitting Swing

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