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Pasi talks about Belgian colonialism on new single ‘Medaille’

Instrumentally, Pasi ’s new single ‘Medaille’ is smooth and mellow. But do not be mistaken. The tone and lyrics tell a whole different story.

Text by Jeroen Poelmans

Antwerp rapper Pasi has released a new single today. Although ‘Medaille’ sounds really soothing and cozy at first, you quickly start to feel uncomfortable when listening to the lyrics. Pasi speaks up about Belgian colonialism, a nasty chapter in Belgian history, often not talked about. But with the recent discussions about Tervuren’s Royal Museum of Central Africa, the statues of Leopold II and the racist incident at Pukkelpop, it is more topical than ever.

“It was after I had seen the series ‘Kinderen van de kolonie’ that I decided I wanted to join the debate on this topic. I felt like I wanted to share my own view”, explains Pasi, who has Congolese roots himself. “Colonialism is a difficult topic. It’s something people rather want to forget. But it’s time to remind them of that period so they start to think about it. It’s time to stop seeing us, the African community in Belgium, as inferior. We’re not inferior, and we want to be respected.”

Listen to Pasi's new single ‘Medaille’ below!

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