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Premiere: watch Mitxelena go hard on orange juice in “Kouder Dan” videoclip

Antwerp is home to a lot of great artists: NAG, Coely, Pasi, Darrell Cole, you name it. And it looks like the amount of talent just keeps on growing! Get to know Mitxelena, who just dropped the music video for ‘Kouder Dan’, premiering on Chase. This is the second single of his debut EP ‘Bitter Maar Zoet’.

Text by Jeroen Poelmans, header picture by Timo Vergauwen

After being musically involved with Luie Louis, Roedel and Corrupted, Simon Mitxelena finally decided to try his luck as a solo artist. Under his artist name Mitxelena, he takes the best of hip-hop, pop, funk and jazz and turns it into something fresh and new. The result is his debut EP ‘Bitter Maar Zoet’. The project is the embodiment of his personal, melancholic and earnest style, combined with his lustrous voice and some soothing instrumentals.

Mitxelena already teased the EP with a first single ‘Eén Nacht Slapen’ last month, but now he’s back at it again with ‘Kouder Dan’. Mitxelena: "I had already written a lot of emotional songs for the EP, so I felt like I had to do the exact opposite as well. 'Kouder Dan' introduces you to the cold, loveless and apathetic me."

Watch and listen to 'Kouder Dan' below!

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