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Pushing Through Generations: a look into the Hasselt skate scene

The Hasselt skate scene is alive and kicking. Skate shops are booming all over the city and young skate aficionados are busy developing their talent. There’s more than enough passion to go around.

In this documentary, Valerie Wynants and Laurens Thys set out to paint a picture of this interesting community of skaters. Through a combination of old amateur footage and interviews with skate veterans, we're getting a taste of the past, present, and future. If you’re from Hasselt, you might be familiar with the interviewees. Like Steven from PooPoo and Sander Thys from Push. Or maybe Gilles Lizin from KPM Skate, and Sara from Nina Skate.

It took 1,5 years to film everything and set a premiere date due to ever-changing Covid measures. The KPM cup got canceled, skate shops were closed, and usage of the skate park was discouraged. So FINALLY, we’re excited to release the documentary for everyone to see. On November 7th a lucky few were already able to attend the premiere at Werf - Hoek 8.

Overall, there was a consensus on the fact that Hasselt needs more indoor skate parks and better infrastructure at the existing venues.

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