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Putting UK-Garage Back On The Map: Subvision & Vancos

UK-Garage is a musical genre that originates from, you guessed it the U.K. With 2-step-like beats around 135 BPM and soulful vocals this genre supplied a soundtrack for plenty of music lovers in the nineties and nillies.  Since then the music went back to its underground roots in the U.K.

Now a few guys in Belgium are motivated to put it back on the map and make this genre cross the ocean once again to make your feet dance and booty shake. With the new UKG and bassline party ‘Subvision’ and Belgium’s finest UKG-DJ ‘Vancos’ they’ve set course to a bright future for UK-underground music. Read all about it here.

Text & heading picture: Levi Adriaenssens, other pictures: Gerald Stevens

Sunship - Try Me Out (Let Me Lick It) - UKG Classic

How did Subvision spring to life?
Elmo Schoumans (Subvision organizer): I got a lot of reactions from people listening to bassline and UKG, I figured we should host a party like this in Belgium.

It succeeded quite well since we reached 300 people at our first edition and had over 40 visitors from countries such as France, Switzerland, Spain, and Austria!

What’s the ultimate target audience for you?
We basically want to bring this vibrant UK-scene to Belgium. More than just a UKG party but we would like to present some bassline and grime in the future as well.

First edition - Subvision - Forty Five

What do you want to do within UKG, Vancos?
I just want to put it on the map in Belgium and Subvision definitely helps with that. I also have a Facebook-group to promote Belgian UKG, bassline & grime called ‘Belgium Better Know’.

Where do you guys find the drive to promote UKG?
We’ve been listening to this music for a long time and it’s like a passion but most of all it’s just really great music that must be heard.

How does the scene ideally look like according to you guys?
Ideally, it would be great to just get this UK-Scene across the ocean to inspire each other through this music and make it bubble around here.

Subvision - first edition - Forty Five

Who’s the most interesting UKG artist in Belgium according to you guys?
Elmo & Vancos: There aren’t really a lot of guys who work within UKG in Belgium but I guess Wulflock maybe when it comes to heavy bassline music.

Elmo: I’d say Vancos, not to promote or anything, but he is really putting this music back on the map with his UK-Garage sets and productions of his own.

Vancos: Elmo has a project: ‘Primatic’ which is doing big time as well.

Vancos - dj set

What would your dream be as an artist?
Play in the U.K. would ben nice of course!

Who would be your ultimate dream booking for Subvision?
That would be DJ EZ or TQD.

TQD - Ghosts ft. P Money

To finish off you guys have your Subvision party scheduled on may 12th are there other dates to come?
Not yet, but in the future we might try to do some more editions, according to the demand of the audience of course. We don’t wish to rush it, we’d like to keep it a bit exclusive as well. 

You can find the next edition of Subvision here. Check the links for more info about: Vancos, Primatic and Subvision. On May 4th they will do a Chase livestream as well.

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