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Rachel Green’s favorite hangouts in Amsterdam

Heavy bass lover Rachella Groen from Amsterdam dj's under the name Rachel Green (no, not Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel Green from 'Friends'). Next to dj’ing, she also co-curates the Amsterdam bass selection at 22tracks, works for BLiP Agency and hosts her own parties ‘Bassed’ and ‘Rachel Green Invites’. On Sunday August 14th you can come check out her set at All Eyes On Hip Hop in Ghent. Who better than this busy, talented and super friendly woman to guide us through Amsterdam? We asked her about her favorite hotspots in her beloved hometown.

By now, you're probably wondering why we wrote this article in English. Obviously not because it's the mother-tongue in Amsterdam! We will be publishing more articles in English to be able to reach an even broader audience. We care about your opinion, so let us know what you think about that in the comment section.

Photo by Rein Kooyman


Rachel Green: this place makes me feel at ease, it might be the laid back atmosphere, the view, or just the happy tunes the dj plays outside. I found this location a long time ago, but it really only got to me when I stumbled upon it on a Sunday, after a long Saturday. There where all sorts of people dancing together (salsa as I recall); young, old, sophisticated, alternative... which was great! After I used up all my salsa dance moves - which didn't take me that long - we walked over to the other side of the venue, where they put a huge dj-platform and we danced until sundown, barefooted. Noorderlicht can give you the feeling that you're far away from everything, even if it’s just for coffee or dinner (vegan). They program loads of quality music events, so check out their calendar if you're in town!

Rachel Green: amazing BBQ’s, markets, sand, club nights and even workouts.. You can find it all at Roest! Just don’t forget to get your ass up on that swing and Tarzan yourself into our canals.



Werken vanaf Pllek is nooit erg! #summerismagic #zomer #pllek #amsterdam #loveit #werkplek

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​​Rachel Green: if you liked the previous two spots, you will definitely enjoy Pllek. On Sundays, they teach yoga sessions, they have movie nights with a view, and around summertime you can even get massages on the beach. I’m just madly in love with their constructions, the industrial feeling inside, wood and carpet textures, and the huge windows that look out on Amsterdam Central Station on the other side of the water. I’ve been lucky enough to catch Kaytranada live here one night! That was something else...



"All of which is legal in Amsterdam" Kanye West . "Boom" Unknown mural from a 2014 trip to Amsterdam

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Rachel Green: this building from 1875 has an amazing history and you can feel every bit of that history when you treat it with all your respect and open yourself up to this little piece of special Amsterdam. I had the honor to organize a monthly underground night called 'Bassed'. Imagine heavy basslines, smoke, flashing lights and sweat dripping from the ceiling... I love this place! If you're openminded, check it out on Wednesdays... and for the real hip hop lovers, every first Saturday of the month!


22tracks & Freshcotton HQ
If you wiggle your ass into the incrowd part of Amsterdam you might just be lucky enough to hang around with the boys from Freshcotton and 22tracks. Both their HQ’s are a creative hub of style artwork and a lot of great people. Just be on the lookout for 22tracks & Freshcotton events in town!


Ton Ton Club
Games, games, games! I love playing video games like Lana del Rey. Since I'm a very competitive girl, this is like heaven and hell combined to me, depending on who I’m playing against. Nowadays Ton Ton hosts two cool locations in town, one in the middle of the Red Light District and the other one at Westerpark. Feel free to challenge me to a game of airhockey or fussball any time of the day!

​Check out the bass playlist at 22tracks curated by Rachel Green & Brutuzz. 

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