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‘Rafik - Do Dreams Come True’ Documentary

‘Rafik - Do Dreams Come True?’ tells the inspirational story of Rafik Bobo, a stuntman and action actor from Antwerp who even worked for Marvel. Rafik followed a bumpy road, hence the title of the movie ‘Do Dreams Come True?’. This movie will definitely inspire many.

Imana van Elzen
Video: Lena Van Driessen, Ennio Verbesselt, Omer Kylany, Redouan Lachkar, Gillis Elijah
Co-director: Quinten De Saegher
Edit: Lena Van Driessen, Imana van Elzen
Colorist: Lena Van Driessen
Sound editing: Rico Vanderhallen
Makeup & costume: Sefia Alesevic
Soundtrack: Millson & Once
Music and sound: Lorenzo Ola Kobina, Lionn verschueren, Wilco Van Petegem, Polar Youth, Sofia Martha Maria Anessiadis
Drones: Rédouan Lachkar, E.V. Studios
Post production: Imana van Elzen, Romy de Rave
Foto’s & socials: Ayah Elbelisy

With the support of: State of the arts, Fameus Antwerpen, CHASE MUSIC, Vlaamse overheid

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