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Rap talent can be found in strange places: PATTI CAKE$

Music is a universal language that anybody can speak.  If you have talent and you’re willing to work for it, people will hear your voice eventually. No matter where you come from.

This is the core message of the upcoming movie PATTI CAKE$.  This movie that was a part of the official selection of the Cannes ànd the Sundance filmfestival tells the story of Patti, an unlikely rapper from an unlikely background that finds her own voice through hip-hop.

Chase decided to collaborate with the creators and help you, our dedicated readers, to be the first ones to see this interesting story.  All you have to do is take part in our contest to have a chance to win a duo ticket for one of the avant premieres taking place on August 20 in Koersel (incl. free concert by AMN!), August 22 in Ghent or August 29 in Brussels. Check the win action on Facebook

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