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Listen to Roméo Elvis & Le Motel’s ‘Morale 2Luxe’ here

What can we say? Last year was, without a doubt, Roméo Elvis’ biggest year yet. The guy almost single-handedly brought Brussels’ blooming and booming rap scene into the mainstream and ended last year with no less than 5 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. But Elvis is clearly not done yet! Today he returns with ‘Morale 2Luxe’, which is quite a misleading title for a ‘re-issue’ with 11 new songs because it’s basically a whole new album glued to his already successful ‘Morale 2’.

‘Morale 2Luxe’ contains the previously released ‘Drôle de Question Remix’ by Double X, the single ‘Dessert’ and 9 other brand new songs, made alongside his producer and homeboy Le Motel. Roméo’s clever lines and flow on this album are undeniably great, but we didn’t expect less from him. And Le Motel brought some beats and rhythms that are still very new to the Belgian rap scene. We’re hearing the UK garage influences in those drums on Chanmax and Dessert! ;)

The first song starts off with an intro that sounds like a slower and more chill version of Diable. But when the second track kicks in, we’re remembered of the fact that these guys can make some bangers as well! The rest of the album has vibey tracks (Série B, Dessert…) and some harder tracks (Jaloux, Pogo…) but this time there are no other artists features. The album sounds great and there’s definitely a lot of variation between the vibes and rhythms of the songs.

Anyway, we really enjoyed this album and look forward to hearing Roméo and Le Motel perform these songs on Werchter this summer. Great job guys!

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