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Shaka Shams released videoclip of ‘Summerfun Freestyle’ featuring Blu Samu

Shaka Shams just released the brand new music video for his single Summerfun Freestyle featuring Blu Samu and it's FIRE. These two dynamic rappers from Antwerp dropped their music video on the 10th of March. The 2 minutes and 8 seconds long video was made by Maurice Luijten and features the two artists in some fresh fits, roaming the streets of Brussels.

Text by Sarah Amlal, headerpicture by Maurice Luijten

When asked about the music video, Shaka Shams responded: "This collaboration with Blu Samu actually reflects the way we first met. I was rapping on my 1st open mic in Belgium. She was also there and liked my music. Later we contacted each other and met up for a first 'chill session'. We vibed right away and we ended up freestyling on multiple occasions. When we were freestyling together it felt like summertime, even though it wasn't summer. That's where the name 'Summerfun Freestyle' came from."

We sure love this collaboration and this music video left us wanting more! Check out the music video below.

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