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Watch our shortdocu on ‘De Stroate’: from retirement home to hip-hop center

For the past months, video-maker Quinten Prinsen has been wandering through the corridors of an old retirement home in Kortrijk whose abandoned spaces currently house 'De Stroate'. Through his ‘fly on the wall’ approach, Quinten depicts the inhabitants their daily activities in this hip-hop oriented youth center. From breakdancers & graffiti artists to poets, De Stroate is a safe haven for creatives in Kortrijk. It’s a place where new ideas arise and collaborations between artists and creatives find their roots.

Shot by Quinten Prinsen, edit by Doc Negro. This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of Vlaams Journalistiek Fonds / Flemish Journalism Fund.


'De Stroate' is the creative brainchild of Siebrand, Martijn, Klaas, Thorben, Michael and Tomas, a group of friends who started the project in 2016. They organize workshops and give young people the opportunity to have a space for themselves. At 'De Stroate' youngsters can feel comfortable and express themselves in a way they can’t at home.

“I love it here, there is so much freedom, which is very unique in my world. I have very few moments where I can be alone and fully allow myself to be the person I am.” – Thao

During the filming process, video-maker Quinten Prinsen got full access and his personal key. This way he could even spend the night at the center so that he wouldn't miss any interesting situations to capture on video. While being in 'De Stroate,' Quinten chose to conduct interviews to get the depth he needed and made some aesthetic choices that enhanced the story.

"Because it's an old retirement home, there sometimes lingers a spooky atmosphere. I tried to emphasize this in his documentary by creating a haze around my camera." - Quinten Prinsen


An often recurring topic in the interviews is that the artists have a passion for their craft but struggle to make ends meet. The youth center itself is also currently going through some rough times. Due to Covid-19, ‘De Stroate’ is obligated to temporarily close its doors. This means a lot of canceled events, no bar incomes, no workshops, no space usage by artists and no (real-life) cultural education. As if all of this wasn’t enough already, ‘De Stroate’ also suffered from multiple burglaries.

Luckily, there still is a positive side to every story. ‘De Stroate’ now tries to reach, activate and (virtually) bring their volunteers together. All these actions are now assembled under the hashtag #vandestroate. With this hashtag, they want to raise awareness about following the imposed measures and to stay off the streets. On the other hand, the hashtag will also be used to repost what their youngsters are creating at home.

We hope that this docu will convince you that Belgium should have more places like 'De Stroate'!

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