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The soulful miss Liz Aku in our new Chase Verses

Ever since she won the Kunstbende contest in 1999 with the hip hop group 't Gemengd Offensief, Liz Aku has increasingly become a known voice in the Belgian music scene. The Belgian lady of soul has worked together with a many bands and artists like Delavega, Sweet Coffee, Jerboa, Ozark Henry and The Internationals, before she decided to stretch her own wings. Earlier this year she made a come back and launched her second solo album, called "Ankhor". Or should we say, more or less solo, as it includes features of Chief & Deheb, Amazumi, Bart Maris, Lander Gyselinck and Potatohead People. Lize's strong female voice carries away the soulfull beats and wraps us up in a sensual Jazzy atmosphere that is highlighted with electronic accents. For this episode of our Chase Verses Lize brings us a groovy live version of ... and ... Time to kick back and let the vibes do their thing. Make sure to check out our Youtube channel and subscribe for more!

photo by Michiel Lateur


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