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SOUNDPLUG Studio Album

SOUNDPLUG, an Antwerp based recording studio focused on hip-hop, R&B and dance music, was part of the early stages of multiple local artists’ careers such as DYSTINCT and Bryan MG. With over 150 million streams of songs recorded, mixed or mastered in the SOUNDPLUG studios, they have become one of the largest recording studios in Belgium during the last four years.

Grizmo, Skitt & ChaseTheBag - © Gerson Ntiti

For the studio’s four year anniversary, SOUNDPLUG founders Ephraïm Kisala and his brother Manassé Talvin Kisala came up with the idea to release a studio album. They wanted to give young talent a chance and decided to organise a writing camp. Every up-and-coming artist in Belgium who wanted to participate could send in a demo. A selection was then made from the more than 400 submissions. Eventually, 11 Belgian artists and 7 Belgian producers were chosen to participate in the writing camp. This resulted in 45 songs of which they will compile 9 in one album.

Three-part mini-series introducing the artists that worked on the project

After a brainstorming session with the entire crew, everyone agreed ‘Balenciaga’ should be the first single they would release from the album. Although a lot of songs on the album will incorporate genres like drill and trap music, the first single that will be released has a whole other vibe. The song features up-and-coming artists Skitt, Grizmo and ChaseTheBag and is produced by SACHTAG. Since the studio opted for Dutch speaking, French speaking and English speaking rappers and singers of different genres, this album is bound to be diverse and innovative.

Listen to Balenciaga below:

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