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Standing (re)present(ations): turning second-hand clothes into stylish outfits

Turning second-hand clothes into stylish outfits, Standing (re)present(ations) aims to demonstrate that you don’t need expensive clothing to create your dream outfit. To set up this concept, a fashion stylist turns second-hand clothes into styled outfits, based on teenagers’ favorite fashion icons. When the outfits are ready, it's time for the teenagers to stand in the spotlight. They take part in a photo shoot, using the neighborhood they live in as a backdrop. Following the first two photo shoots in Molendreefwijk and Casablanca, the project that was created by Ines Vansteenkinste-Muylle is back with a new edition in Anderlecht.

Text by Kiara Santeddu, photography & concept by Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle. This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of Vlaams Journalistiek Fonds / Flemish Journalism Fund.


The concept came to life when Ines did a summer job in the neighborhood in Molendreef, Rillaar. After meeting and spending some time with several families, she started photographing them while conversing. Soon she came to the realization she was able to transmit beautiful stories this way. And so Standing (re)present(ations) was born.

Quickly the team expanded, consisting of photographer Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle, stylist Fiona Rombaut, and make-up artist Catia Nulens. To achieve the best results possible, the participants are always asked to give their opinion on the make-up and the outfits they’re wearing. The goal is to dismantle the stigma that styled outfits need to be expensive. Creating outfits with second-hand clothes, the concept oughts to give the teenagers involved more confidence to dress the way they want.


The first shoot took place in Molendreefwijk. Some of the teenagers took their inspiration from specific fashion icons such as Billie Eilish; others were more drawn to a specific culture, such as Korean clothing. Fast forward to the second edition: two new teenagers participated in the shoot that now took place in Casablanca. This time more icons were mentioned for the purpose of inspiration: from Christiano Ronaldo to Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Zendaya.


As the first two photo shoots were a major hit, Ines decided to continue the project. After being contacted by Anne-Sophie, a youth worker in Anderlecht, she set up the third edition on the 21st of December 2020. Meet Aicha, Sakina, Raymé, and Wiam; the four participating teenagers.

Each of them had different fashion icons to look up to. Similar to the first shoot, Aicha looked up to Asian fashion culture, more specifically manga and Japanese fashion. Sakina and Wiam both mentioned Eva Queen as their big influence, while Raymé wanted to dress like the French rapper JUL. Travis Scott was also a recurring name.

While the teenagers all enjoyed the shoot, the opinions on the styling varied. In contrary to Sakina’s relief of not being too dolled up, Wiam regretted not asking for more make-up, as in her daily life she rarely used any. Nevertheless, the whole day was a success, with Aicha’s Japanese-inspired outfit as the group’s favorite.

To get some more info on what's behind this project, you can read this article. Follow us on Instagram to see the full photo shoots and videos, coming up in the next few days!

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