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Standing (re)present(ations): you don’t need expensive clothing to look like your idol

Standing (re)present(ations) is a project challenging youngsters to create nice outfits without spending a lot of money. Youngsters tell about their favorite fashion icon, after which a stylist goes second-hand shopping and composes smartly styled outfits. Finally, it's time for the youngsters to stand in the spotlight. Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle does a photoshoot with them with the social housing area where they live as a backdrop. The locations for the shoots were Molendreefwijk, Rillaar and Casablanca, Kessel-Lo.

Text by Anemoon Van Rompay, photography & concept by Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle. This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of Vlaams Journalistiek Fonds / Flemish Journalism Fund.


Luna, Shania, and Zoë met with the team at Luna’s house. Luna's mother had no problem with the preparations taking place at their home. It even triggered other family members of Luna and neighbors to come to their house to see what was going on. The mothers were in awe when they saw the outfits their daughters were wearing. Stylist Fiona and photographer Ines informed them that second-hand shops organize special days on which they can buy similar clothes for only one euro. When they heard about that, the youngsters were positively surprised and eager to check it out.

The three girls were very excited that they could participate in this project. Luna and Shania preferred to look like 18-year old pop star Billie Eilish, with her long and wide clothing style. Zoë, on the other hand, said that she finds it inspiring how Korean girls and boys dress.

After this photoshoot I would consider buying clothes in second-hand stores.- Zoë

After the photoshoot, Luna admitted that when she saw all the pieces of clothing separately, she had never thought that they would fit together so well. Shania was surprised after seeing herself in the 'Billie Eilish style'. “This photoshoot made me realize that this style really suits me”, she reasoned. Zoë said she could never have guessed she would be wearing second-hand clothing. “After this photoshoot, I would consider buying more clothes in second-hand stores.”, she explained.


Thanks to Souhailla’s brother, who works in the neighborhood center of Casablanca, the team could use the center as a location to do the styling and make-up of the models. Since the neighbourhood centre is a meeting place where everybody is welcome, the second photoshoot attracted more people. They were mainly neighbours, friends or relatives of the models. Some of them took a quick peek at the event, while others stayed a bit longer and looked at how the models were getting prepared for their photoshoot.

Souhailla and Hervé had never done a photoshoot before. Souhailla participated in the project Standing (re)present(ations) because she wanted to be inspired. When Souhailla thinks about fashion, the first celeb that pops into her mind is Zendaya because she not only wears classic clothes but also dresses casually. “Zendaya dares to wear sweatpants in public which makes it feel more acceptable for me to go outside wearing sweatpants and a hoodie.”, Souhailla emphasized. Laura Lemaitre, a designer who makes new garments out of several pieces of old clothing, made one of the outfits worn by Souhailla.

Before the shoot, Hervé said that he sees his participation in the project as a useful experience that might come in handy in the future. He described his clothing style as a mix between sporty and urban. Nike, Adidas, and Puma are brands that he often wears. If he had to choose between chic or comfy clothing, he would opt for the latter. According to Hervé, professional footballer Christiano Ronaldo really knows how to dress. While we were talking about some rappers as well, Hervé mentioned that he also likes to rap: “I would love to record some of my rap songs one day and make a video clip for it.” 

Kevin's motivation to be a part of Standing (re)present(ations) was because it seemed very interesting and educational to him. Although he already modeled in the past, he wanted to learn even more about what’s behind a photoshoot. Just like Hervé, Kevin mainly wears sporty clothes. If he had to get his inspiration from someone, it would be from Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole.

I would love to record one of my rap songs one day and make a videoclip of it. - Hervé

After seeing herself in the three outfits, Souhailla came to realize that she actually wears a lot of black. “Now, after this shoot, I’m certainly open to add more color to my wardrobe.”, she stated. For Hervé, taking part in the project was primarily a pleasant experience. “It was the first time in my life that I did a photoshoot and I really enjoyed it.” On the one hand Kevin confessed that he won’t change his style or wardrobe after this experience, on the other hand he assured that the expectations that he had before the photoshoot were certainly met. “Compared to my first shoot, the team had a lot more attention to detail. Furthermore, I got to know the photography world much better.”, Kevin noted.

To get some more info on what's behind this project, you can read this article. Follow us on Instagram to see the full photoshoots and videos, coming up in the next days.

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