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THE ROCKSTAR LIFE: Stardom Meer Kesh cooked it up in DAFT Music Studios

Whoever dreams about being the next A$AP Rocky, dreams about big stages, perfectly mixed tracks, and a screaming and raging audience. Rockstar® Energy Drink offered every music artist in Belgium the chance to win one of those dreams: a day session with Jeroen De Pessemier aka ONE TRACK BRAIN in DAFT Music Studios. This studio located in the Belgian Ardennes is one of the biggest and best music studios in the country. Last week, 21-year-old winner Emmanuel, known as Stardom Meer Kesh, had the chance to channel his inner rockstar.

Article and interview by Yaell Monas, pictures by Gerson Ntiti. This article is a collaboration with Rockstar® Energy Drink.

Jeroen De Pessemier aka ONE TRACK BRAIN and Emmanuel, aka Stardom Meer Kesh in DAFT Music Studios

I moved from Ghana to Belgium seven years ago and started writing songs in my spare time. In July 2020 I recorded my first song and immediately knew music was something I felt comfortable doing. In 2020 my first single ‘Pain You’ was released, and after that, I only kept on making more music. A month ago, I decided to drop my first EP ‘Time Will Tell’ and things just kept on getting crazier. When I saw the Rockstar® Energy Drink contest on YouTube the first time, I ignored it. It was only after coming across the contest a third time that I decided to apply for it. Once I saw a picture of the studio, I immediately knew I wanted to work there. About a month after that, I got a call from Stijn, telling me I won the contest.

Step one in the process

About a week ago, I went to the DAFT Music Studios together with a friend of mine. Once we got there, I instantly felt like the vibe was exactly how it should be. Of course, it adds a lot of value to the experience if you feel comfortable. I pulled up with two demos and my song Pele, which I sent in to enter the contest.

We really used every single second of that day with the crew from DAFT Music Studios. And I most of all just let everything happen. It’s a crazy thing to think about the fact that seven years ago, I was still living in Ghana, and now I got the chance to record in one of the best music studios in Belgium. A story like mine really shows that hard work pays off.

Winning this contest made me gain a lot more confidence, and also inspired me for the upcoming projects in the future. Having this studio day felt like taking the next step in my musical career, and I am very aware of the fact that it really was a blessing to get this opportunity. Rockstar® Energy Drink, DAFT Music Studios, and Jeroen De Pessemier aka ONE TRACK BRAIN really helped me with growing from step one to step two. As an artist, you can always do what you want, but getting the recognition that what I am doing is worth going for. It’s an amazing feeling. And working with DAFT Music Studios was most of all a really good way to learn things I didn’t know already.

Stardom Meer Kesh in the DAFT Music Studios

Support your locals

It’s crazy and amazing to see the support for young artists by a brand like Rockstar® Energy Drink. In Belgium, it is very hard to make it music-wise because the mainstream media don’t always offer enough room for upcoming artists. Being played on the radio has always been a dream. It usually doesn’t come in an early stage of your career, such as the stage I am in. But being able to make music in a very professional way somehow feels like I’m on the way to eventually getting played on there.

In my opinion, there should be more room for local artists. Right now, it’s a real hustle to make it as a musician in Belgium. If more brands did something like what Rockstar® Energy Drink did here, we might actually create a steady scene to grow up in. That’s why I would tell anybody who is working to make it in their passion, to always enter contests. You never know if you win. But if you do, like I just did, it might really be the next step into becoming the best version of yourself. I truly hope Rockstar® Energy Drink keeps supporting young artists because the Belgian music scene can really use it.

I will be releasing more music soon, and I have some tracks which are almost ready to be released. Apart from that, I will be working on an album in the long run. As I just dropped an EP, which is on Spotify, I will most of all be focusing on long-term projects and finding my sound even more than before.

And of course Rockstar® Energy Drink had to be there as well

Rockstar® Energy Drink wants to encourage the new generation of talents and give them a platform. That is why the energy brand launched a competition to support the local Belgian music scene and spot young talent.

Every talent who had something to say musically could send in his demo. From these entries, Jeroen De Pessemier - better known under his alias ONE TRACK BRAIN - together with Rockstar® Energy Drink and DAFT Music Studios chose his favorite, who won a day of studio time at the renowned DAFT Music Studios in Malmedy.

Curious about the results? Check out the official after-movie below.

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