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Talksik podcast EP5 with New ATL on artists supporting social change, future dreams and open relatio

In our fifth episode of Talksik, New ATL blesses us with a visit. He shares the story behind his artist name, his dreams for the future, and his opinion on open relationships. On a more serious note, he explains how artists can use not only their social media and actions but also their art to support social change. New ATL recently released his new single ‘Prove it’ (Prod. by Souly) on Spotify.

Host: Jazzy Bench. co-host & Sound: Zediam, jingle: AIME13, logo: Yoshi Ono, photo: Francesco Kallonzo, edit: Roan Vermeyen

Talksik Podcast is hosted by Jazzy & co-host Zediam. In this podcast series, we want to give you an inside look into the lives of Belgian artists. We talk about the ups and downs of building an artistic career and the challenges we face as a society.

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