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We spent the night binge watching series at the Telenet Trailerpark

A few weeks ago, Telenet announced they would expand their Telenet Play database with series such as The Walking Dead, Insecure, True Blood, Gent West and Game of Thrones. To celebrate and promote their new offer, they set up a typical American styled trailerpark at MEATPACK Antwerp. Each trailer was decorated and styled in one of the new Telenet Play series.

Article by Celien Feys, pictures by Tom Clabots

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by our hosts in the centre of the trailerpark. A space with a bar, a few picknick tables and all of the trailers in a circle around us. They offered us a tour and showed us all of the trailers. You had the The Walking Dead trailer, complete with canned olives and sleeping bags to keep you warm at night.

The Insecure trailer got a very cool southern L.A. vibe. In this trailer, we met up with DVTCH Norris, the ambassador of the trailer and the 'Insecure' series. To see what we got up to with him, go check the Instagram Story in our highlights.

Dvtch Norris - Telenet Trailerpark

The True Blood trailer became a mini version of Fangtasia, the dark gothic vampire club in the series. The Sopranos got a very luxurious trailer, complete with flatscreen, King Size bed, a fancy lounge area, and a fridge stocked with champagne and snacks.

We stayed in the Gent West trailer. The series "Gent West" tells the fictional story of the female prison of Gent West. The trailer was a tiny jail cell that only fit a bed and the smallest tv we had ever seen. There was a small fridge with a few local beers, some Red Bull to stay awake during our binge watch session later that night and a late night snack.

The trailer was decorated with carvings in the wall that said "Fuck The Popo's". There was also a poster that allowed us to take our very own mug shot and posters of the male cast members in their bathing suits. As it is every 90’s girl’s dream come true to sleep next to Kulderzipke in a tight pair of Speedo’s...

Last but not least, there was the Game of Thrones trailer. Complete with medieval bedding, dragon eggs and a complete family tree of all the families in Westeros. The one you get in season 1 of course, because they wouldn’t want to spoil some of the storylines.

The Sopranos - Telenet Trailerpark

Telenet teamed up with Deliveroo and a few restaurants in Antwerp, so you could even order food in the theme of your trailer. There was grilled meat for Game of Thrones, Italian for The Sopranos, street food for Insecure. We had the option to choose a meal from Poule & Poulette, a restaurant from Ghent. Gentse Waterzooi, Vol-Au-Vent and a few veggie/vegan options were all tempting, but our host assured me that we should definitely try the grilled chicken.

Us and the other guests all ate together in the center place, which gave us the chance to get to know each other a bit better. That's when we got our goodie bags. They contained one month of Telenet Play for free, some posters and magazines and a special gift in the theme of the trailer you were staying in. As most guests got t-shirts and tote bags, we were very happy with our brand new set of handcuffs (as we were inmates for the night).

After dinner, some people went back to their trailers a bit earlier to start watching their favourite series, but others stayed out a little longer to socialise. The bartenders were there all night and served us some cocktails, created by Belgian cocktail brand Kiss My. Once again, each cocktail based on one of the series. Our personal favourite was the "Kiss My Pussy", which was quite awkward to ask the bartender.

Insecure - Telenet Trailerpark

Around midnight, everyone went back to their trailers, although the bartenders assured us that we could come outside and knock on their doors if there was anything we wanted, because one of them was always awake to make sure everyone was happy.

In the morning, after a hot shower, a nice breakfast with everything we wished for was waiting for us. The guests gathered around the center of the park again and talked about the evening. We went home with a fun experience and a slight feeling of "Kiss My Hangover".

Check out the new Telenet Play database, updated with you next favourite series!

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